State Overview

Visit Mississippi

Mississippi is the birthplace of America's music, home of literary and artistic legends; the cradle of the civil rights movement, battleground of the Civil War, land of catfish and tamales. It is paradise for adventurers and center stage for round the clock entertainment and year-round play.

Experience the birthplaces, backgrounds and settings that have inspired the many characters, places and events brought to life by the wealth of Mississippi authors, playwrights, and poets who have enthralled us for generations. Sit in the dark and smoky Saturday night audience of a real juke joint, and you’ll hear the real blueness of the blues…and feel just how tired, just how lonesome, just how broken-hearted a man or woman can be.

Once inside the actual birthplace of Elvis Presley you will fully understand how very small his background was. He became larger than life, changed the world of music, pioneered rock and roll, and influenced legend after legend to come. This is the place where so many creative people have found their peace, their comfort, and their passion.

Stand in a Delta cotton field and feel the intensity of the heat and see the expanses of the cotton rows that touch the other side of the sky. Watch from a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. Walk through Civil War battlegrounds or see the landscapes that inspired Faulkner, Welty, Williams and Wright.

Savor the true delicacies, meet the true originals, and master your true game. There is true grandeur and true simplicity. Discover your true inspiration in places frozen in time that we fondly remember, so that we never forget.

This is Mississippi.