How to Get Here

Find Flights to the USA

Many of the international Southern USA airports are Ports of Entry into the United States and offer full immigration and customs facilities. In addition, several Southern international airports provide US-VISIT Biometric Entry Procedures.

All major cities in the South have international or national airports offering flights to USA Ports of…

Know Before You Come

What to Bring

If you have never visited the United States before, here are some recommendations about what you may wish to bring with you.

  • Adapter plug. (U.S. electrical line voltage is 110/120 Volt AC, 60 Hz.)
  • Binoculars
  • ​Cameras
  • Camcorders
  • English phrase book
  • Family photos
  • Guidebooks
  • Travel Health insurance information
  • International Drivers License
  • Medicines…

Passports & Visas

Passport, Visa and other U.S. Customs Information

Even though international travelers are subject to tougher security measures than in previous years, as long as you know what documentation is required, you shouldn't have any trouble going through U.S. Customs.

The main requirements to enter the United States are a valid passport and a visa. This holds true for all…