Boone, North Carolina

Home to the original ziplines that started this local craze, Screaming Ziplines, named for the exclamations you'll let out while partaking in the fun, offers Boone-area visitors aerial adventures on one of two courses.

The Original features six ziplines ranging in length from 460 feet - 160 feet longer than one football field - to 800 feet, or about the length of two and a half football fields.

For the more adventurous traveler, the Extreme Tour includes six ziplines ranging in length from 460 to 2,000 feet. Included on this tour is the Super Zip, the first U.S. triple-wide zipline, which reaches speeds of 50+ miles per hour. 

In 2013, Screaming Ziplines introduced a thrilling new addition: night zipline tours. Sail through the dark night sky with lights illuminating your path and screams of delight from fellow adrenaline junkies filling the air.

Also near Boone, Hawksnest is known for both winter snow tubing and warm-weather fun. With more than 20 ziplines, including four mega zips, you have plenty of options for taking in the spectacular sights and sounds of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Fly more than 200 feet in the air at upward of 50 miles per hour, enjoying the terrain of trees, lakes, creeks and mountains. You'll have time to take in 360-views as you cover a four-mile distance on the ziplines. After you're done zipping, sit on the lodge observation deck to enjoy more breathtaking views with your feet on solid ground.