Owensboro, Kentucky

With extra time, venture west from Clermont into Owensboro and/or Paducah. In Owensboro, select from 200-plus bourbons in the basement bar of the 1905 Miller House Restaurant; in October, the town’s Bourbon and Blues Festival serves more, accompanied by barbecue sandwiches and live music. Any time of year, Owensboro’s preserved mansions present a sense of the town’s history. In Paducah, check on the progress of Paducah Distilled Spirits to learn about, and taste, Kentucky moonshine.

Whether you are departing for Nashville from Clermont, Owensboro, or Paducah, a can't miss stop is Bowling Green. In addition to having Corsair Distillery, an excellent craft bourbon distillery, Bowling Green also boasts the Corvette Assembly Plant, the only place in the world where "America's Sports Car" is manufactured. Take a plant tour and watch Corvettes roll off the assembly line and visit the National Corvette Museum.