Washington, North Carolina

Known as Little Washington, this quaint coastal North Carolina town is home to a beautiful waterfront area that serves as a popular stop for sailors and powerboats who often moor for several days.

Whether you're arriving by boat or car, wander the downtown area's historic homes, shops and restaurants before indulging in the tasty Southern seafood fare of Grub Brothers Eatery. You can also take a self-guided tour through the downtown district of this historic town, founded in 1776.

One of this lovely town's biggest draws is the North Carolina Estuarium, showcasing the second-largest estuary in North America. The attraction features movies, more than 200 exhibits, and a gift shop detailing where the fresh water and sea water meet. This area acts as a nursery for various fish, crabs, birds and specialized animals.

If the season is right, enjoy a River Roving cruise to take in the natural and beautiful landscape. 

Finally, just a few steps away from the waterfront, visit the Turnage Theater. This charming theater pre-dates World War I and is a performing arts center that hosts a variety of community events, movies, and concerts.