Bristol, Tennessee

Discover a place where peaceful mountains, rolling hills and tranquil lakes converge. In Bristol, hear the soft-strains of music history at the new Birthplace of Country Music or the hard-driving sounds of one of the country’s most popular NASCAR venues, Bristol Motor Speedway.

Legendary and known as the “world’s fastest half mile,” Bristol Motor Speedway is one of the largest sporting venues in the world with seating for 160,000. The speedway offers tours including a lap around the track and a trip down Thunder Valley, the .25-mile dragstrip.

Bristol is home to some of the most unique sights, sounds and thrills in Tennessee. Tour the magnificent Bristol Caverns and walk along the banks of the ancient Underground River that carved these vaulted chambers millions of years ago. Explore downtown Bristol’s main street, winding in and out of boutiques and antique shops. Hike or paddle boat at the beautiful 2,200-acre Steele Creek Park throughout the year.

Bonus: Approximately half-an-hour west of Bristol en route to your next destination (Knoxville), Kingsport Speedway hosts near-weekly races late March through late September.